Estd-1993 Comffits Collection (Head office -Ludhiana) a name known for reliability, quality, services & convictions famous today in northern India.
Comffits collection determination to meet the challenges both of society and of our customers remains steadfast; indeed, it has been a core principle of our company for over 25 years, and will continue to be so. At Comffits collection, we seek to ensure that our customers can continue to work, learn, and live in an ever-more creative and fruitful manner.
Comffits Collection leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of furniture,interior and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential with our skilled team, we design spaces to help people work in comfortable atmosphere. We understand nature of work and workers have changed and changed the requirement of work place.
With our customers, we work together to complete the project with initial site status surveys to development of special designs that fully reflect the corporate strategy, work flows and the distinctive features of each facility
In offices where workers carry out diverse tasks, it is best if individuals can freely choose the environment optimally suited to their particular needs. Comffits collection offers proposals that create spaces accommodating of each individual’s characteristics and circumstances to maximize their capabilities.
we provide furniture products ,chairs, workstation, executive desk, conference, lounge furniture ,soft seating, training areas, staff canteen furniture, storages, compactors &outdoor furniture, and interior products window blinds,, floor coverings,awnings,outdoor furniture, display boards, signage’s for community, work and home. We design projects industrial offices, institutes, commercial buildings, hospitals, IT sector, private offices. Our furniture is designed in mind based on user’s style, habits and practicality. With this, we proposed and designed furniture to meet our ® customer’s expectations Figureline is our registered brand for office furniture.


Visit one of our Brand Stores, in Ludhiana & mohali (Aerocity) and get professional advice about your office furniture & interior. At Comffits collection we are passionate about what we sell and take pride in achieving the best results for our customers. We have skilled interior team who care about furniture and urban design as much as you do.
We created and designed our Showrooms and offices based on actual work-style. We aim to create the real working experience using our furniture to achieve the ‘live’ experience.

Hitendra Arora

We don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best & above all we care.